Friday, August 28, 2009

Everyone is feeling Lucky

Is it just me or did this trip go downhill since we ran out of Lucky Lager

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just because! Just because it's Salma!!!

Imported from JAPAN!

GUNS! She's British! They call her KATE! We call her what ever she wants to be called because SHE HAS GUNS!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Jamie Lee Curtis...HANDGUNNER!...and then some...

LEON!...Jean case you didn't know...but you should know!

La Femme Nakkita...the only good export from FRANCE...well, her and Jean Reno...

This is why it is best to wash your shirts in HOT water and dry them on the HOT cycle...they fit better...get her a gun!! She has a gun...what more can I say?

Dead Calm! Nicole with a gun! A SPEAR GUN!

This handgunner is thinking only of us when she draws her gun!

Take her stuffed animal and Natalie Portman WILL shoot you!

More of the real deal Biel!

These will make your stereo blow your mind like a .45 to the skull!

All handgunners LOVE the smell of smells like victory!

It's what's for dinner!